Senior Excursion

20 images to select from – $40
1 outfit – 20 min,
• This excursion takes place within our area.
• You or the photographer may suggest the
• This session is an add on and

Outdoor Studio Session

$10 – 15 min.
• Our most popular upgrade!
• Our studio outdoors feature trees, flowers and
plants, wooden fences, gazebos, trellises, and
much more.
• This session adds amazing natural light
images without leaving the studio property

Cap and Gown

$10 – 10 min.
• We have your school’s caps and gowns.
• An extremely popular session.
• Be prepared to take full-length photos.
• Men MUST have a shirt and tie; preferably
school colors within the ties.
• Ladies ideally should have a collarless
V-neck shirt/dress, and a simple necklace.
Ladies collars under the gowns tend to look
bulky, which adds weight to an image.
• Belts, pants, dresses, darker socks, etc.
are needed for full-length images.
• You’ll have more images to choose

Hi Key Lighting

$10 – 20 min.
• The high key lighting technique is a modern
lighting design.
• This session brings out your best facial
features and can add drama to any portrait.
• There is a fashion flair to this session.
• Popular for those who have a sense of style
• Can be set on a Black or White background

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