Our studio is known for its high quality and unmatched attention to detail.  Our refund and retake percentage is well below the industry standards.

Our lab is truly state-of-the-art.  Some of the items we currently offer include digital classroom groups with borders, dry erase boards, and magnetic calendars.  As new items are introduced, we will be able to offer them as product options.  With our years of digital experience, new school products will be readily available.

We offer a full line of memory books in both hard and soft covers.  Our pricing allows the school to sell the books at an affordable rate.  Pricing is based on number of pages, copies sold and cover choice.  Our photo files are compatible with all the major yearbook companies.

We have the capability to produce I.D. cards in various ways.  Cards may be done in either horizontal or vertical formats.  Cards will contain the child’s name, school, grade (color coded by grade if needed) and barcode (I.D. number).

We can provide student information in a format that is compatible with all of the major school administration software packages on the market.

Quality lighting and proper posing of groups and individuals produces a superior product.  Order envelopes with a wide selection of packages will be provided to all participants.  As with all of our products, satisfaction is guaranteed.  The coaches and the athletic director will be provided with a complimentary team photograph.

Faculty and staff will be given the option to receive a complimentary package.  If they wish to order a larger package, they will receive a 50% discount.

Orders are delivered in window envelopes and can be sorted in several ways.  Portrait packages are delivered in approximately 3-4 weeks for prepaid orders.  Proof delivery is about 14 days and then 3-4 weeks for package delivery.

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