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Welcome to Burns Photography’s Online Scheduling System for high school seniors!

 First, a note about our add-ons:

Session Add-ons can be combined with any session, excluding Yearbook Only and Copper sessions.  If you want to include an add-on, please indicate your add-on choice(s) in the online scheduling “Notes”  Options are:

  • Outdoor Studio – $10  Our backyard features trees, flowers, plants, rocks, fences, gazebos, trellises and a barn!  Enjoy nature’s lighting without leaving the studio.
  • Cap & Gown – $10  We have them here!  Be prepared to take full length photos.  Men must have shirt & tie to complement your school’s gown color.  Don’t forget your belt and colored socks to match dress pants. Ladies should wear a collarless v-neck top or dress, and a simple necklace.
  • High Key Black or White – $10  This lighting technique is a modern lighting design which brings out facial features and adds drama.
  • Pyrotechnics – $25  We literally light things on fire!  We are very careful and this requires a team effort.

You are now ready to schedule!  

* Don’t forget to type your add-on choice in the “Notes” section if you want to include one so we can save the correct amount of time*

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