20+ images to select from – $60 1 outfit – 20 min.
• This excursion takes place within our area
• You or the photographer may suggest the location


$10 – 15 min.
• Our most popular upgrade!
• Our studio outdoors feature trees, flowers and plants, wooden fences, gazebos, trellises, and much more!


$10 – 15 min.
• Bring your Furry Friend!
• Enjoy timeless photos with your pets, Dogs, Cats, Snakes, whatever you have we can capture them!


$10 – 10 min.
• We have your school’s caps and gown.
• An extremely popular session.
• We recommend Gentlemen wear a shirt and tie
• We recommend Ladies wear a nice blouse and simple necklace


$20 – 25 min.
• Bring in your car, truck, motorcycle, ect!
• This session add on includes other outdoor images


$25 – 20 min.
• Yes, it's real fire – but a controlled environment. We have additional staff to help with this process 
• Please have a prop in mind, we may have one to use but please inquire before booking!

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